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Shandong Yinfeng's series of activities for creating and building a learning team (17)-the passing years live up to expectations, the future can be expected


Yu Hua said: Nothing is more convincing than time, because time can change everything without notifying us. Time flies, the years have passed, and it has been a year and a half in the blink of an eye. The people of Yinfeng are still learning and living up to the years.


On June 5th, the new training and exchange activities for creating and building a learning team were held as scheduled. The main topics of this training sharing include: "Xiaomi-Lei Jun" by Manager Wang Kaiying of Marketing Service Center, and "Don't" by Manager Wang Chuchu of Marketing Service Center Let Emotions Out of Control Hurt You," Fitness Bar" by Chen Xiao, Manager of International Marketing Department.


"Please don't call me Jobs, I don't do anyone's second", this is the most domineering sentence of Xiaomi founder Lei Jun. Manager Wang Kaiying demonstrated Lei Jun’s entrepreneurial legend through Lei Jun’s personal experience and important achievements. From Lei Jun’s fame when he was young, the establishment of a tricolor company for the first time in his business, a 16-year career in Jinshan and his successful listing of Jinshan to the establishment of Xiaomi in his middle-aged life, Lei Jun has never stopped in his life, and has plans and ideals for the future. Perseverance has allowed us to witness China’s fastest-growing Internet companies. Lei Jun has thought about Xiaomi's vision and goals for every ten years, and what Xiaomi will become in the next 10 years, Lei Jun has a blueprint in his mind. What will you become in the next 10 years? After the years have passed, can the future be expected? Here is a sentence for everyone: in the future journey, believe in       yourself

 Manager Wang Chuchu’s speech "Don’t Let Emotions Lose Control Hurt You", you can control the situation by being the master of emotions and controlling emotions. As an adult, controlling emotions is a must-have ability. Manager Wang Chuchu’s experiment we have a certain understanding of whether we are a person who easily loses control of emotions. Use examples to correctly understand the positive meaning of negative emotions. Don't blindly restrain it. When faced with too many negative emotions, we only need to control negative emotions within a reasonable range and control their negative effects. Learn to accept the reality, accept the dark side that you don't want to reveal in your heart, balance your happiness, and stop paying for your bad emotions.

Fitness is a way of life for modern people to maintain health. Having a healthy body is equivalent to having a longer-term future. Manager Chen Xiao explained the reasons for people's obesity, the impact of obesity on the human body, the benefits of fitness and how to exercise properly, so that we have a correct understanding of our own body, and also learned the correct fitness method. Through correct diet and unremitting regular exercise, you can finally create a perfect and healthy body. Fitness is not achieved overnight, but a persistent long-term career. Fitness is also a process of continuously polishing oneself, and the rewards are endless.

There are a thousand kinds of waiting in the world, and the best kind is called "the future can be expected." We are still young, and the road ahead is still brilliant. Yinfeng people still uphold the original aspiration of entrepreneurship, continue to learn and accumulate, for our next 10 years, for the next 10 years of Yinfeng, the passing years will live up to the expectation of the future.


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